Salatan Energy Salatan Energy Co.Ltd is a Thai corporation that has been in business since 2008.

The company is a Thai limited liability company.

We are a private company focused on commercial scale renewable energy development. As an independent renewable power producer, our goal is to sustainably build, own, and operate wind, run of river hydroelectric, and solar generation projects across Southeast Asia.

We brings together a multi-disciplined, highly talented team that can develop and operate large scale renewable energy projects in Thailand and do so in a cost effective, profitable manner.

Salatan will seek to generate low risk yield for shareholders by utilizing the best available technologies. Our company will develop, own and operate the energy power plant, city development, Port, Road, Railway and etc.

Brighten your day with a clean energy


We focus on contract obligations fulfillment, performance optimization, reduced O&M costs and compliance with health and safety standards.

Experienced team of electrical, civil and turbine engineers.

In depth knowledge of project lifecycle.

License Management for all scale.

Achieve maximum independence from energy suppliers, and use existing energy more efficiently

Reduce operating costs permanently and Protect resources